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This blog came out of from my experiences as a real estate broker for 12 years and as a homeowner. In 12 years, none of my clients have ever lost money on a failed transaction. That been said, the Costa Rica real estate blog shares my experience and other experiences that seem appropriate and valuable to set high standards.

It is intended as general guide only, each transaction is unique, and each buyer and seller should research and retain their own real estate broker, consultant and notary. Always use common sense and never be afraid to ask something that does not seem right or does not add up.

Listening to some of my friends and new clients stories motivated me to write this professional blog, most of the times their losses or complex real estate situations were very easy to avoid following some of the advice provided here.

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic community, your opinion and examples will always help advance the understanding of the real estate market in Costa Rica

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